December was a very busy month for this Greenville balloon artist!  It is hard for even some of my balloon twister friends to believe, but I did some form of entertainment almost every single day from Thanksgiving until the end of 2012.   Joy Set Entertainment was contracted at Roper Mountain Holiday Lights.  In addition to making balloon decoration, we twisted Christmas themed balloons every single night at this Greenville, SC tradition.  Look for updates later on at this website.  We also did balloons and face painting during the weekend games at the Greenville Road Warriors.  There were lots of Christmas parties that hired Joy Set Entertainment this year.  And of course we had many birthday parties where we entertained with our award winning clowns and comedy magic or provided balloon art and face painting.  Whew, we are just a tad tired.

Many times when Joy Set is out doing balloons, we get asked “What can you make?”.  The obvious answer is balloons.  I also usually tell people that I stopped counting around 497 creations.  It is actually kind of hard to guage just how many different balloon creations Joy Set makes.  Do you count a golden retriever, and a dalmation, and a boston terrier as three different balloons or just under the general heading of balloon dog?

For many years I carried around some small laminated cards that had pictures of various balloon animals on them.  And I must admit that sometimes when I am pressed for time, I miss those balloon menu cards.  However, for the most part, I enjoy having more freedom with my balloon creations. I am an artist, and the balloons are my medium of choice.  So maybe we should rephrase the question.  Would someone ask a painter how many different paintings they could come up with?  Or would they ask a writer how many books they could write?

How many balloon creations can I make?  I can make many different balloon creations, from simple to complex.  And I guarantee that if you give my company an opportunity, we can make a balloon creation that will make you smile.  How many balloons can you make?