Joy Set Entertainment has been utilizing Manager Sal as our virtual office manager  since 2010.  Our clients appreciate how quickly and efficiently we are able to respond to their requests for our entertainment services.  Manager Sal certainly has made our jobs a lot easier by allowing us to focus less on paperwork and more on the FUN aspects of our business.  If you are an entertainer, you should check out Manager Sal for yourself.  You can try it out for a whole month FREE of charge.  Let them know that Joy Set sent you (you won’t get any added perks, but once you decide to keep this great service we will get credit for it).

Here are some of the unique ways we have found to grow our business using Manager Sal

  1. Send out a birthday cards Use “money finder”  and send out birthday cards about two weeks before the birthday party that you did the year before.  Send photos of your performance.  It is a personal touch that will set you apart from others.  While you are not likely to get a repeat booking this year, you will be fresh in their minds at this year’s party.  You might get hired for a siblings party or recommended to their friends.  But even if you don’t get a booking, it is a nice thing to do.
  2. Utilize your “email opt-in list”  Be smart about newsletters.  Don’t send out something ordinary every day because soon your emails will not even be read.  However if you are doing something that your customers would genuinely be interested in, let them know.  Often when I perform I negotiate for free admission tickets to concerts, sporting events, or festivals that are used in giveaways.  People know that when they read my newsletters, they might win free stuff.
  3. Reflect your personality Manager Sal is highly customizable.  Take advantage of it to suit it to your own company needs.  Why settle for a contract about “Birthday Parties” if you call it the “Super Duper Fun Filled Birthday Extraordinaire”
  4. Keep in touch with subcontractors  I currently have 30 subcontractors on my list.  There are only a few that I am able to use on a recurring basis.  However I still try to keep up with all of them.  You need to know if your talent adds something new to their offerings.  Maybe they have a brand new magic show.  Or maybe they have started doing glitter tattoos.  You are able to keep your database up to date, and you are reminding your entertainers that they have someone they can recommend their clients when they are already booked.  And again, it is a nice thing to do.
  5. Mobilize your business My smart phone alerts me when I get a lead because it shows up in my email.  I have plugins installed in my email that can automatically add action points to my to   my mobile based to do lists.   Even if I am not near a computer, I can get contracts ready using Manager Sal on my mobile phone (www.managersal.com shows up in an optimized form on your mobile device).  And of course you can add gigs to your mobile calendar within Manager Sal.

Of course there are many other features that make Manager Sal great.  It recently added a mileage log.  You can export your data.  Manager Sal is continually adding new features and it gets better as you continue using it.    We like Manager Sal so much that we are including it with all who sign up with a Professional Membership in our agency.

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